Oil trays

Overview oil trays

The oil trays promote a clean installation of your pumps in the laboratory.

Most pumps will leak small amounts of oil as time goes by due to aging seals. The oil will then spread over the laboratory floor and, combined with dust, will form a hard to remove dirty greasy film. From time to time seals may even become so crumbly that larger amounts of oil escape from the pump. When oil trays are in place, both problems are restricted effortlessly to the area of the tray. Being made of stainless steel, the trays are easy to clean after such "incidents".

Another advantage is their mobility. As the trays are equipped with castors, pumps can be moved effortlessly. This is of particular advantage if the next oil change is pending. The two castors at the front are executed as stop castors.

The oil trays are designed for effortless use in combination with our sound insulation boxes. When using a sound insulation box in combination with an oil tray, the former will be placed on the latter. That way, both, the sound insulation box as well as the pump are easy to move.