Active Pump Protection System

The newly developed APPS module (Active Pump Protection System) enables you to perfectly protect your sensitive and important devices by monitoring all important operating data. The pump is optimally protected with the new module, which fits and can be retrofitted to all Sonation sound insulation boxes. All important operating data, for example, temperature, current consumption and the function of the fans are monitored continuously. Any malfunction triggers a visual and acoustic warning.

Interior temperature monitoring with high temperature alarm
The interior temperature is continuously measured. When a threshold is exceeded
a visual and acoustic warning is triggered. If the temperature assumes
dangerous values due to a pump defect, the current supply to the pump is
interrupted to prevent consequential damage (can be switched off).

The measured temperature is the exhaust temperature and therefore represents the exact interiour temperature in the noise reduction box. Most of the other systems on the market measure the temperature near to the air intakes and show a too low temperature. This can significantly shorten the lifetime of the insulated pump.

Wide-range input
The sound insulation box can be operated on 115 V and 230 V networks.

Temperature controlled fans
The speed of the fans is only as high as is necessary to keep the pumps cool.
This will increase the service life of the fans and additionally lowers the noise

Monitoring of the fans
If one or more fans fail or significantly lose output it is displayed visually and an
acoustic warning sounds. Thus the system monitors and detects age-related
wear, as well as the sudden total failure of a fan.

Monitoring pump current
Pump current is monitored if the pump is operated using the integrated power outlet.
If the current consumption exceeds a critical value over a long time period,
which can occur for example with a bearing failure, the current consumption is
interrupted in order to prevent total damage of the pump. If this function is not needed or unwanted it can be disabled.

Connection to a PC
All values can be easily monitored on a PC using the optional software, and
can also be integrated and evaluated in third-party software via interfaces.

Retrofitting capability
All existing sound insulation boxes can be retrofitted with the APPS module.

Fans from noise insulation boxes without APPS should be replaced after about
3-4 years, since over time they continually lose cooling capacity.