External Display Module

External Display for APPS-Systems

The display can be connected to all Sonation products with APPS-Module. All important informations are clearly shown. The most important are:

  • Current temperature
  • Min. and max. temperature
  • Current drawn by the connected vacuum pump
  • Min. and max. current of the connected vacuum pump
  • Driving speed of the fans
  • Operating hours
  • Alert in plain text instead of the beep codes with only the APPS-Module

Description of the connections:

  • AUX: A potential-free output for the communication with other instruments. It can be used to shutdown a connected mass-spec in case of an pump failure.
  • PC: With the optional interface cable the display module can be connected to a PC to process the data with additional software.
  • APPS IN1/2: The APPS-Modules are connected to this connectors