To keep away anything that might interrupt your work.

Accessories for Sonation Noise Reduction Boxes for roughing pumps and water chillers

External display for APPS-Systems

 The display can be connected to all APPS-Systems. All data that is monitored by the APPS-System is clearly represented on the screen.

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Oil Leak Sensor

 If a vacuum pump loses to much oil a pump failure is very likely. The oil-leak-sensor in combination with an APPS-module continuously monitors if oil is leaking into the oil tray. If a leak is detected, an optical and accoustical alert shows up.



BIMOS Neon 2 swivel chair

The BIMOS Neon 2 swivel chair is the perfect base for relaxed working. All the surface area is resistant to most solvents. The cushions are easily replaceable if need be and the chair offers a wide range of height adjustment so also working on higher instrument benches is comfortably possible.


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Oil Change Kit

The Sonation oil change kit is available for easy and clean changing of oil. Merely a single movement of your hand is required to drain the entire amount of oil into the supplied shallow oil tray. That way, each oil change becomes a clean and simple matter.

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