Instrument table series LGT-QE

Overview instrument table series LGT-QE

The LGT-QE Series is the perfect base for your mass-specs. It allows the safe and compact installation of the whole system including all parts like the vacuum pumps and the PC. Further the many handy features assist you in your daily work.

Example: Typical installation of a ThermoFisher QExactive with pump, HPLC and PC

 Base table:

  • Available sizes:
    1000x1000x800 [mm] (BxDxH)
    1500x1000x800 [mm] (BxDxH)
    2000x1000x800 [mm] (BxDxH)
  • Other sizes available on request
  • Optional integrated noise reduction cabinet with Active Pump Protection System (APPS)
  • The noise reduction cabinet can be positioned on the left or on the right side
  • Spacious cable duct with feedthroughs for cables and hoses
  • Optional swinging arm for the placement of for example an HPLC in front of the source
  • Loading capacity: 500kg on the table, 50kg on the swinging arm
  • Mounted on high quality and lockable castor wheels
  • Height adjustable base for compensation of uneven floors
  • Feedthroughs for cables and vacuumhoses


Noise Reduction Cabinet:

  • Equipped with 30mm thick dampening material for maximum noise reduction
  • Inner dimensions [mm]:
    575x750x500 (WxDxH) (single noise reduction cabinet)
    1150x750x500 (WxDxH) (double noise reduction cabinet)
  • With temperature and pump monitoring system APPS
  • Vibration decoupled oil tray on pull-out sliders (420x750mm WxD)
  • Feedthroughs for cables and hoses
  • Mains Connection:
    IEC 10A C14, Voltage: 100-250 VAC 50/60Hz (10A Version)
    IEC 16A C20, Voltage: 100-250 VAC 50/60Hz(16A Version)
  • Integrated power outlet with emergency shutdown:
    IEC 10A C13 (10A Version)
    IEC 16A C19(16A Version)
  • Cooling:
    4x160m³/h temperature controlled and speed monitored(single noise reduction cabinet)
    8x160m³/h temperature controlled and speed monitored (double noise reduction cabinet)
  • Optical and acoustical temperature warning
  • Compatible with the External Display Module APPS-EDU


Integrated noise reduction cabinet with oil tray on telescopic slides

Cooling of the vaccum pumps is ensured by four speed regulated and temperature controlled fans with. All important data is monitored by the Active Pump Protection System APPS.

LGT-QE-100x100x80 with noise reduction cabinet and PC compartment