Instrumet Table Series LGT-HPLC

The LGT-HPLC Series intended for instruments up to 150 kg which must be moved regularly. Thanks to the locking castors this is an easy task. The height can be regulated infinitely which is very handy to place for example an HPLC pump in front of a mass-spec.

  • Dimensions:
    LGTHPLC-0608:   600x800x765-1220 [mm] (WxDxH)
    LGTHPLC-1208: 1200x800x765-1220 [mm] (WxDxH)

  • Load capacity: 150kg

  • Integrated tray for waste bottles, samples etc.

  • Continuous height adjustment with 4 positions storable

  • Integrated pull-out drawer with soft stop

  • Cable duct with feedthroughs for cables, tubes etc.

  • Mounted multi-outlet power strip

  • Four lockable castor wheels with height adjustment (max. 20mm)


Integrated drawer for columns, accessories etc.
Low basic height and 450mm adjustment range for maximum flexibility
Example: LGTHPLC-0608 with ThermoFisher Dionex UltiMate HPLC-Stack
Example: Thermo Fisher Vanquish with LGTHPLC-1208
Example: LGTHPLC-1208 with Waters Acquity
Example: LGTHPLC-0608 with Agilent Infinity
Example: LGTHPLC-0608 with Shimadzu Nexera X2