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Sonation products: Noise reduction boxes for vacuum pumps, accessories and other lab solutions

Noise reduction boxes for vacuum-pumps, ultrasonic baths and water chillerSSH35

Sonation is committed to noise insulation in analytical laboratories since 2002. Our products for the insulation of vacuum pumps, ultrasonic baths and water chiller have been constantly developed since. So when it comes to sound insulation in the lab, Sonation is clearly the product of choice. Besides many standard sizes and models Sonation also offers custom sized products for your project.

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Instrument tables

Sensitive and expensive instruments like mass spectrometers need a solid base. Sonation instrument tables meet the high standards that are required in analytical laboratories. Dependent on the model they offer electrical height adjustment, integrated noise reduction and a lot more handy features.

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Column oven PRSO-V2 for NANO-ESI applications

In close collaboration with the MPI for biochemistry in Martinsried the Sonation column oven for NANO-ESI has been developed. The oven allows the temperature control of the column which leads to a significant increase in accuracy and reproducability of the results. Further the column can be operated at higher temperatures, so the throughput can be increased.

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