Developed at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried, the Sonation column oven is used to regulate the temperature of the separation column in ESI-Nanospray applications. Constant column temperature makes measurements ...

Technical specifications PRSO-V2

Hardware specifications:

  • Usable column lengths: From 13 cm, no limit in maximum length
  • Usable column diamters: Up to 2mm
  • Temperature control range: 15-60 °C software controlled
  • Control accuracy: >0.1°C
  • Available for the following sources:

    - Thermo Sientific ES071
    - Thermo Sientific ES072
    - Bruker Captive Spray

    Operation with other sources is possible, but requires mechanical adjustment. If you have another source in use, please contact Sonation. 


PRSO-V2 Users Manual EN

Poster ASMS 2011

The Sonation column oven allows for shortening or
lengthening of gradients without loss of sensitivity

Dr. Richard Scheltema (MPI of biochemistry Martinsried, Germany)

New: RFID column recognition
The RFID option provides the possibility to mark each column with a unique ID and also safe a lot of useful data with the column.